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I bet on a percentage basis Lynas will outperform Great Western Minerals Group from today's close till the close of trade in 2012.
We will use LYSCF for Lynas and GWGMF provided neither lists. If the LYSDY ADR lists we will switch to that. Likewise if GW lists on a US exchange we will convert fair value to that listing. The bet is not for any value but pride at this point. I would like to suggest if the loser sends the winner a T-Shirt from their town if they lose to increase the fun. Tshirt offer open to all. If there is a takeover of either the wager ends and the winner is decided based on the last trade of the company that disappears. The starting point is:
Jake (Rare metal Blog) Versus Chihawk
LYSCF $1.15
GWGMF $0.44

Others welcome to take a side as well. Just request to pick a side here or on my INBOX. Names will be edited and attached to this Insta to keep track.

Also, egg and I, I say Lynas first feed before LCM gets first furnace promised in November and supposedly paid for and waiting on parts from tsunami stricken Japan. For reference it is the tsunami in March 2011 they referred to as the excuse. EGG WINS!!!!!!!!!!!