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To Those That Were Awaiting My Series On "The Intelligent Investor"

I just received feedback (below) on the first article in my series covering the book, The Intelligent Investor. It seems that Seeking Alpha is much more concerned with short-term investment pitches and schemes than actually educating investors.

Sorry to those that were looking forward to the discussion but I will not be able to post the rest of the series.

I appreciate the emails you have sent and your enthusiasm for the series. I hope you will continue to follow my analysis on the site.

Thank you,
Joseph Hogue, CFA

(From Seeking Alpha editors)

We appreciate the effort, but will pass on this one. The post comes across as too much "how-to" investing, or possibly rather basic for our savvy, investment-minded audience. Please note, our readers are rather sophisticated, and know most of the points you cover. You can use as an instablog post, referring to it in future articles. Or you can offer less on the basic tenets from the book and your strategy and more on actionable implications for investors.