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DISH Presents Case For Sprint Acquisitiojn

|Includes:DISH Network Corporation (DISH), S, S, SOFT

Information on DISH's bid for Sprint is available on their investor section website as

DISH touts
Cost Synergies $11 bn NPV
Revenue Growth $24 bn NPV
Capex Savings $2 bn NPV
$37 bn NPV advantage

This is compared to a listed question mark in the Softbank column

This is being "very Ergen".. it suggests a very large market conversion to the new combined 'TV everywhere' plus mobile service.... which is far from certain. Still, DISH has the vision right... it has an appeal that has worked out in microcosm for DISH and for operators, including Softbank, in other markets.

However, DISH dismisses cost and development and skill-set synergies most analysts recognize in Softbank. The argument that this is domestic has to be considered. However, that becomes a stretch because this would not be the combining of similar markets as happens when mobile operators consolidate operations... subscribers seldom have multiple mobile accounts but do have multiple mobile plus wireless and might expect some cost savings in addition to new sizzle of the sexy products and services. In fact, price almost certainly must be part of the 'value proposition' in order to gain large numbers of new subs. It can't be 'same price for partial/Swiss Cheesy coverage on limited devices'. The new service has a good deal of potential but faces tough competition in a saturated market for any combo of S, SB, and DISH.

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Stocks: DISH, S, S, SOFT