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Trade: Long Gold And Short Europe

In Belgium we have the yearly investors competition called: "Beleggerscompetitie". Of course I'm participating too as "katchum". My standing is currently at position 8752 of 19000 so I'm above average...

Not that I'm a good trader, but what's interesting about this competition is that you can view the holdings of everyone, including the top 10.

I will list the top 10 participants' holdings here:

1) Vanlooy: Gold, Short Europe, Short CAC

2) Rover45: Gold, RHJ International, Short Europe, Short CAC, Long Oil

3) ik short dus ik ford: Gold, Short Europe

4) nicolas 812: Gold, Arcelormittal, Gold Fields, Harmony, Short Europe

5) harpy: Short Europe, Long Oil

6) 902314nd: Gold, Bekaert, KPN Koninklijke, Short Europe

7) astevens: Gold, Short Europe

8) eulsonced: Short Europe

9) Fidelski: Adidas, Barco, BASF, RTL Group, Solvac, STmicroelectronics

10) Houtten: GDF Suez, Harmony, K+S, Royal Imtech, RWE

It's obvious what they all have in common: Long Gold and Short Europe. Harmony Gold is a possible play here.

I say follow the professional investors here. I will keep you updated each week.