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Media Ignoring Plunging COMEX Gold Inventories

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I always get a rush when we get a new low in registered gold at the COMEX and today it's bull's eye again.

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We hit a new record low of 370 thousand ounces at the COMEX gold.

Indeed, leverage is going up exponentially. We are now at ratio eligible to registered gold of 20.

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And what I find very amazing is that the media is ignoring this in our face.

Take for example this article.

I quote what they say about silver:

Stockpiles of the metal on the Comex on Jan. 8 reached 176.88 million ounces on Jan. 8, the highest since July 1997. In 2013, supplies rose for the third straight year, the longest run in a decade.

But nowhere they mention the plunging stock at the gold warehouses. Keep your blindfolds on...

P.S.: China is now removing bank restrictions to import gold into China. This exponential curve will only accelerate.

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