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Facebook Pullback = Buying Opportunity

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is a new long idea we are initiating today. The shares may be pressured in the near-term due to uncertainty regarding its mobile monetization strategy, eccentric CEO, and share lock-up expirations.

However, these concerned are either unwarranted (Zuckerberg is a bona fide genius; we don't care if he ever addresses us - just make us money) or things that will clear up in due course (read: mobile monetization is coming). In the meantime, many investors are overlooking one of the most important investment consideration: Facebook has revolutionized how the world connects and communicates.

Like Bezos, Zuckerberg appears to be building deep hooks and moats to ensure long-term global dominance. When the time is right, the profit spigot will be opened and flow like a firehouse of cash into investors' pockets. We've all seen it happen many times before.

Most investors would see it in FB if they'd just stop thinking about the next 6-months and consider the enormous and unassailable position the company has created. MySpace messed up and Facebook took the reigns. Unless we see something come around to take its place, we'll recommend being invested here.

Disclosure: I am long FB.