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Quick Stock Update & an Announcement

|Includes:DASAN Zhone Solutions, Inc. (DZSI)

Hi All,

Catching up has proven challenging, but I'm committed to re-accelerating my pace of writing and research sharing. Prior to this time, I wasn't able to fully explain my absence, but now I can:

Having recently turned 40, I now qualify as a U.S. Masters Track & Field athlete. I ran at the NCAA Division I level in college (Northeastern U) and began a comeback 2-years ago. That comeback has culminated in a National ranking (4th in the 800M) and inclusion on a sponsored team that will attempt to break two World Records in Boston next month (at the Tuft Invitational on Feb 12th and the New England Championships at Harvard on Feb 20).

The story of my life, career, and return to Track & Field has generated interest which will soon result in the release of a book, covering those topics, as well as diet, training, etc.

Needless to say, this has kept me busy. That said, things should settle down soon enough, bringing me back into Seeking Alpha mode. In the meantime, here are my latest thoughts on ZHNE, spurred by the following question:

Q) Any thoughts on ZHNE today? Your previous comments are from Oct/2010. Thank you...

A) Without stimulus, this is a very inconsistent company, which I would tend not to invest in. HOWEVER, there IS stimulus...and it's coming.

The recent pullback was just a speed bump in my opinion. Stimulus hasn't kicked in. More speed bumps are possible for ZHNE, ADTN, CALX in the winter months, as Northern projects go on standby...but you don't want to be out of these names for the same reason you didn't want to be out of OCNW ;^)

Check out what happened to IVAC a few years ago...a good quarter here, a bad quarter there, then booyah. Can't time the booyah, so buy, hold, and dollar-cost average down on dips.

Stay the course and see me after the Sept 2011 earnings call. Stock should be MUCH higher by then (Stimulus kick-in + summer rush in the North).

Kindest Regards,

Mark Gomes
Stocks: DZSI