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Transcript Of My Live Twitter Coverage Of ATTU's Q4 Call

|Includes:Attunity Ltd (ATTU)

I recommend that people Follow me on Twitter. One of the reasons is that I will occasionally use it to Tweet live comments during an earnings conference call. That's what I did (spontaneously) this morning with the ATTU call. Here's a "transcript":

$ATTU beats on revenue and top end of guidance implies 46% y/y growth coming. Those are the key stats to focus on. Solid report!

$ATTU 46% growth for 2014 implies back-to-envelope valuation of $180M. On the conf call now. CEO just said they are gaining Big Data share.

$ATTU had a rough 2013, but strong Q4 growth and guidance. Anyone selling at these levels are paying attention to the wrong numbers.

I just bought $ATTU at $9.61, $9.62, and $9.6896. CEO just reported having closed many deals already in Q1. CFO said "significant momentum"

$ATTU stock now rebounding. I feel bad for investors who got "shaken out" (which I preach against) and sold to me at $9.61-$9.6896

$ATTU costs up due adding sales & marketing because of the momentum and opportunity they see. Those expenses = 46% in Q4 vs 41% last year

Investors who freaked out over the $ATTU EPS number obviously didn't look at the big jump in sales/marketing investments.

Also, $ATTU license revenue up 61.5% SEQUENTIALLY (vs Q3) to $4.9M vs $3.0M. #delivering Stock now up 7% from this AM's knee jerk low.

60-70% increase in $ATTU sales headcount. Some coming from competitors (who they met at competitive deals).

Q4 was a record for revenue through partners. Partners bringing them into accounts and $ATTU = "critical enabler for their revenues" per CEO

$ATTU added 10 sales people in Q4 and plan to hire more throughout 2014. Many more came from the Hayes acquisition.

$ATTU Replicate was $2.4M of lic rev +140% y/y.

$ATTU replaced a competitor at a "big bank"...most likely replaced GoldenGate, Datamirror, or $INFA

$ATTU additional products in the works, as well as support for additional databases, including unstructured (perhaps $DWCH)?

$ATTU beat rev ests even though some deals slipped into Q1. Also, they will announce a new product during the early part of Q2.

$ATTU Replicate license rev expected to grow 60-70% and be the majority of license their biggest piece will also grow fastest.

Hopefully, the company's execution issues are behind it. Each quarter of 2013 saw those issues move from the front end of their sales pipeline to the back of it. This quarter, everything was smooth, except for a few orders that slipped into Q1...but that didn't stop them from beating their top line numbers. I see that as a good sign of things to come.


Disclosure: I am long ATTU.

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