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Buying OCNW and IGOI As We Speak

Based on the analysis I provided in last night's blog, I'm buying OCNW and IGOI as we speak -- the orders should be filled by the time you read this ;^)

If you check out their earnings press releases, you should be able to find a way to listen to a replay of their earnings calls.

I just re-reviewed the IGOI call and feel great about how things have progressed. I think Q3 will be another quarter of strong progress. I believe the stock is only down because it ran up so much ahead of the news (classic "buy the rumor, sell the news").

With OCNW, all I need to know is that its customers have been granted over $500M in stimulus funds. With 20% of that likely to go to OCNW with a Sept 2012 deadline for spending, OCNW is clearly going to see increasing revenue for several quarters to come.

As someone who is negative on the market, I'm happy to find companies that appear poised to grow regardless of weak economic conditions. I'm just as happy to buy more at cheaper prices after seeing the great news these companies delivered this week.

I own a ton of each, but have no problem buying more at these prices. For now, I love OCNW at any price under 7 and IGOI at any price under 2. Over the next 12-months, I think OCNW can more than double and IGOI has the potential to more than triple.