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REVO - Big Patents For A Small Entry Fee

|Includes:Revolutionary Concepts Inc. (REVO)

Revolutionary Concepts Inc. is a nice looking company with some serious patents and huge potential to grow.

Not only can they revolutionize home security with Eye Talk a face to face two way communication system via a cell phone and your front door. Meaning you can be sitting in your living room and looking right at some one from your cell phone and invite them in or ask them to leave without ever having to get up.

They are also looking to change child car safety and child toys! The most recent PR states that IQmagine has finished a child car seat with one of RCI's patents. All that's left is the licensing phase which will be announced how much RCI will be paid.

Why do I believe that RCI is undervalued?

First let's talk about their recent acquisition of $15 million dollars in assets IE Greenwood Finance Group. Greenwood made $3 million in profits last year alone.

This is what Rainco Industries Inc. had to say about the deal, "Our analysts believe the current trading of RCI shares is significantly undervalued and the future estimated value of RCI shares should be in the range of 0.23 to 0.31 cents per share based on a fair multiple of 20, $3.5 million in earnings, and the number of shares outstanding."

Not only are they now a profitable company due to this deal. RCI is also finally in the production stage of the EyeTalk platform. Which was developed and tested by SIS inc. The income from the Greenwood deal will allow RCI to not only produce and sell their great product but also fund the commercials CEO Ronald Carter promised earlier. Not only will selling their platform generate and revolutionize home security. There is always the huge chance of patent infringement lawsuits and the massive payments and royalties that those lawsuits can generate.

Now that we understand why I love this company. Let's talk about the stock it's self.

REVO had a big run off the acquisition news to over .01 and fell back down to earth at higher than before support levels off of consolidation. They've been holding the new levels ever since the fall from the big run. This tells me that the next run will be huge. The PR about production being finished, a patent infringement lawsuit or a new licensing deal could be around the corner. I've been holding this stock long and watching the way it plays for a while. It's looking like we're hitting a golden cross with the 50 and 200 ma coming together we're seeing a bullish trend towards the company. Where were you when Apple was selling shares based on an idea?

I decided to write this article because I want others to know what I know about this diamond in the rough while it's still cheap. I personally love this stock and the patents. We all know how important patents are in the tech industry these days.

Like I said, I'm long on this stock and like with my personal friends I advise you to do your own DD. Never invest in something just because some one tells you it's good. Read, research and think for yourself. That's my mantra in investing and life. Good luck to you all!

Know what you own!

Disclosure: I am long OTC:REVO.

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