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ETF mostly-Powershares test Portfoliation

Beginning on April 22, 2009

I'd set up a paper portfolio - added XPH by selling PDP in August 2010 for balance.
(So it is not wholly Powershares from Direxion)

PDP  Powershares DWA Technical Leaders  
PFM  ditto Dividend Acheivers
PIV (renamed from Value Line(tm)  -  S&P 500 high quality - same difference.)
PWC Dynamic market - Intellidex's
XPH  SPDR Pharma.

Yahoo Finance claims the initial $2500 play money times 4 is now at:

$16,250  (with $866 of PDP -> XPH growing to drug value of $955)
of which cash unassigned is $878.  Leading me to believe Yahoo thinks it's pretend money too.

Discounting errors like that, each ETF is up about 50%, except the one up 80% and the drug one, up less over a shorter period (and smaller portion).

Needless to say, this is annoyingly better than a real life portfolio of stock picks!