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Commonly Helds In ETF-group MO A Winner!

|Includes:CPB, GWW, MCD, MO, PowerShares DWA Momentum Portfolio ETF (PDP), PFM, PWC, SPHQ, XPH

Checking back on PowershareETF portfolio, which was

DWA Technique Leaders, current yeild 0.14%

Dynamic Market Market, current yeild 0.86%

Dividend Achievers, current yeild 2.11%

SPHQS&P 500 High Quilty Portfolio, current yeild 1.61%

1.) It's up!

2.) It has stuff in it.

PDP (133 sh), PFM (250), PWC(80), SPHQ(265) and the Pharma SPDR XPH (22sh). XPH isn't really a Power-invesco, but it fit the need to fill out balances at "inception".

As of April of this year, only one stock is in all 4 of the main group: Altria (NYSE:MO). In each fund MO is 0.91 , 1.97 , 3.64 , and 0.82 % If this was a real set of holdings, possibly duplication would 'force' sales - which are profits at today's prices.

Hitting 3's - ABT, BF/B (Brown Forman class B, no Class A's to look out for.) ECL, FAST, GWW, HRL, JNJ, MCD, Nike, PX, ROP, ROST, SHW, SIAL (Sigma-Aldrich), SJM, TJX, VFC and XOM.

Of possible interest for various reasons, Brown-Forman, Ecolab, and MacDonalds. Grainger is a mighty industrial-janitor, and also some sort of business-level gauge (across all of North America.)

Apple computers is only in two funds, the PDP and PWC. Wisconsin Energy (NYSE:WEC) is also only in two funds.

and Campbell's soups rests only within the SPHQ. Eli Lilly is only in the XPH. Wells Fargo only within the PDP.

Of a great many stocks NOT in any of the main 4 + drugmakers:

AMAT - Applied Materials. MCHP,NVidea.(Yet Skyworks Solutions is in the PDP.

None hold INTC, ROK, ASCA - some american casino co. FOSL, Corning.

Disclosure: I am long BF.B, GLW, MO, MCHP.

Additional disclosure: No positions currently in the ETF's discussed, I look through their combined lists.Briefly held XPH in past - I hate drug stock picking it's hard! Also no positions in SPHQ - possibly an ETF name changer.