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Is The New Bladeglider The End Of Tesla's Gen3?!

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I just learned of Nissan's latest EV project today: The bladeglider

On the surface, it reads like a gen3 killer! lightweight, EV, sports car handling, and a 200 mile range!! And Nissan is saying a production vehicle will come from this?!?!

Tempting! After all, since it's missing 1/4 of a car and has carbon fiber paneling, it must weigh less. Less material could also translate to lower cost (although the odd shape and carbon fiber will offset that). If they keep the Leaf motor, and carry a lower Cd (coefficient of drag) than the Leaf, then it should theoretically only need a 59KWh battery ( (200 miles / 115mpge ) * 33.7 KWh/mpge). Let's assume the lower Cd cancels out the added battery weight.

Nissan's Leaf battery costs are reportedly as low as $400/kwh (low-balling it here, so bear with me), which would mean the Bladeglider's battery costs should be about $23,600. If we go cheap on the rest of the car, $35k sure does sound possible! Great, so do we have a gen3 killer?!?!

One small problem. A 3 seater is strictly a commuter vehicle. And being a commuter vehicle it won't displace the demand for the gen3.

Now awaiting the Mercedes B-class ...

Disclosure: I am long TSLA.

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