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... Death Kneel Of The Anti-EV Argument

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For the longest time, it was very difficult trying to convince anti-EV folks that BEV's were actually better than the best hybrids. Especially when over 1/3 of the nations power grid was running on coal.

And then this week, the supreme court made a pivotal ruling:

The primary counter that EV supporters had against the coal argument was that it could be cleaned up. Now that the EPA has the authority, we can actually see a potential timeline for this clean up to occur.

It's no longer dreaming from the pro-EV crowd. The burden of proof is now shifted.

As for China. Forbes says that they're banning new coal power plant production for 2014:

combine this with thir goal of 14GW of installed solar in 2014, and it's pretty convincing that China's greening their power. What's also interesting is the same Forbes article shows china shooting for 50GW of nuclear power capacity by 2017. If the current growth rate of solar in China continues, they'll have (before 2012 - 2GW, 2013 - 12GW, 2014 - 14GW, 2015 - 15GW, 2016 - 16GW, 2017 - 17GW) 76GW of solar power capacity by 2017!!

A TSLA bear once said, "there'd be so much pollution from all the extra coal plants to power those EV's"!! To which I ran the numbers and found that if you replaced the 200 million existing ICE's in china with EV's, and assuming a 12k/year driving pattern (assuming 333wh/mile or 3 miles/kwh), then you'd simply need 4000 kwh/year/car. Or about 800T kwh/year. Every GW of a solar power plant (assuming avg of 5hrs of power production / day) produces 25M kwh / day or 9125M kwh / year. That would mean needing only 1100GW of installed solar power capacity to power ALL of the miles driven by those 200 million cars by sunlight alone (not renewable energy in general). We obviously still have a long way to go, but the path is clear.

Disclosure: I am long TSLA.

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