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It's no hidden secret that marijuana stocks are the 21st Century's Green-Gold Rush. This is an excellent way to progress your portfolio, and to learn a lot about market momentum.

One of the pitfalls to penny-stock traders is GREED. Let me ask my followers a simple question. If I saw you on the street, and offered you $50, would you accept it (no strings attached)? The simple, and obvious, answer is yes. HELL YES. This is the same strategy, and the same philosophy that I want all of you to understand throughout your daily trading exposures.

Remember, it's about the win. It's about compounding win, after win, after win; mitigating your losses, and continuing to win. With that in mind, you'll always be successful. You don't have to turn $500 into $1 million overnight. Albeit possible, set your expectations to a level that breeches your current "self-manipulated limits", and continue forward.

Please note: I'm a dumb@ss wannabe day-trader. Sometimes I have more luck than skill. However, I'd rather be lucky than skilled any day of the week.

Today's sell trade, 03-04-2014 = Bought $ERBB @$.0251 yesterday, and sold $ERBB today @$.0302...$448.49 profit.

Trade wisely, have fun, and HAVE NO FEAR.