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Rare Industrial Metals Physical Investing

After 15 years of having been both on the supply side and customer side for technical industrial metals, I am somewhat concerned about having developed a rather narrow focus of late.

Two of my favorites, Gallium and Indium, were named as clean energy critical elements by the Dept. of Energy.

China produces the majority, and holds great influence over market prices, while simultaneously maintaining a cloak of invisibility on actual production statistics.  The Chinese government has indicated their interest in seeing rare metals prices double or triple, such levels being more indicative of their "true value" to the market.

ETFs for some industrial metals have started up, and a couple of companies have even started stockpiling rare metals on speculation.

Gallium and Indium are currently valued in the same range as silver, however they are much more volatile, and extremely less liquid.  However, this doesn't quite guarantee that they will not attract some investment capital, which could very well add to volatility, and influence the market dynamics.

I'll try to make some posts which might stimulate discussion.

I would like to solicit a discussion on the arguments for and against physical investment of rare metals, based on the idea that the potential returns are potentially 100% or more, and at what point potentially high returns start to override the argument of limited liquidity.

My objective is to determine whether large and small investors could realistically start sidelining enough of these industrial metals to move the market.

Everyone's views are welcome and appreciated.