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Goldman Sachs Average Cost Of Nokia Holding

|Includes:Nokia Corporation (NOK)

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Below is a table detailed top3 institutional investor final position at q4 2012 and position change each quarter from Q2 to Q4. Also rough cost estimate for cost of change of position for each quarter.

I am not sure when Dodge & Cox started holding Nokia, but definitely their position did not change since Q1 2012, so I guess their cost is well over 5.31 which is starting price from April 2012.

It seems Goldman Sachs average cost for their Nokia position is around 3 and Morgan Stanley cost is around 2.5.

Now share price is 3.45, every one may give a guess why there is so many short selling interests recently.

I am Chinese and see many Chinese comment from different blogs, I feel people are very interested in their product and very confident about Nokia quality. Chinese are joking Nokia that you never change your phone once you have Nokia because they are too dam good. Many people said they will buy 105 as backup phone or for their parent. Of course there are complaining as well, but mainly from Microsoft side.

Lots of Chinese already feel fed up with Apple and Samsung, because in China or Asia phone is accessory once everyone has that, then it is not special anymore.

Personally I am long Nokia.

Sorry if there is language mistake.



  Q2 Q3 Q4 Q4
  Starting Change Change Final
  Position Position Position Position
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. 61,287,183 55,090,120 - 7,021,431 109,355,872
Dodge & Cox 84,081,543 - 869,800 14,766,650 97,978,393
Morgan Stanley 4,000,004 28,748,445 2,901,515 35,649,964
Quarter Share price Range 5.31-2.13 1.65-3.03 2.38-3.56  
Average holding cost        
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. 4 2.20 3 3
Dodge & Cox >5.3 >5.3 2.5 >5.3
Morgan Stanley 2.5 2.5 3 2.5

Disclosure: I am long NOK.

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