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The Many Veils Of Radient Pharmaceuticals (Onko-Sure DR-70)

|Includes:Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (RXPC)

I will provide a more storied version of this article, but for now here are some links to contemplate you understand.

Equivilant to Radient's CIT Technology:

$500 million dollar buyout!

Guess which one of these companies are involved with Radient behind the scenes?

Arizona State University, Mayo Clinic, Mayo Collaborative Services, etc...

What's going on in Arizona?

ASU Spinout HealthTell Raises $4 million in New Funding for Innovative Cancer Tests

Just a quick tidbit for now. Stay tuned to see how Radient Pharmaceuticals is controlling the Global Cancer Diagnostics market behind the scenes, and what the few remaining shareholders will get as a cash distribution / shares of the new company from the upcoming merger!

Stocks: RXPC