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Callahan Auto Parts Offering IPO: American Made Brake Pads


In the stock market, one of the most intriguing events is when a private company takes itself public. The term used for this event is "IPO" which means, "initial public offering." This week, an automotive parts company is going to go public and this opportunity is one that you will not want to miss out on.


This company was founded in 1955, when returning war veteran, Thomas "Big Tom" Callahan Jr. started Callahan Auto Parts in Sandusky, Ohio. Sales have grown year over year and when the founder of the company passed away, it looked like the end had come to Callahan. The company, it seems was on the verge of bankruptcy and faced a hostile takeover fight by the senior Callahan's wife, Beverly, who was attempting to sell the company to Ray Zalinski, the self-proclaimed "King of Auto Parts."

Issues and Opportunities:

In order to save the company and keep Callahan Auto Parts running, Thomas "Tommy" Callahan III stepped into the breach and went on a whirlwind sales adventure to sell Callahan brake pads.

Thomas Callahan III is a graduate of Marquette University and has been the driving force behind the company's explosive growth, along with his "right hand man" Richard Hayden who oversees the day to day operations at Callahan Auto Parts. Callahan's wife, Michelle is the President of the company.

The turn around event in Callahan Auto Parts history came when Callahan was able to save the company when he landed a contract with Ray Zalinski, for 500,000 Callahan brake pads.

Looking Forward:

Callahan Auto Parts has prospered ever since and while financial information about the company is not readably available, I was able to get a look at revenue growth over the last five years.

Callahan Auto Parts, Sandusky, Ohio:

The IPO for Callahan is being underwritten by Goldman Sachs and the stock will be priced in the $20-$25 range.

The company will trade under the ticker symbol: CAPS and will be sold on the Nasdaq exchange.

Contact your broker today and put your money on Callahan Auto Parts tomorrow, April 1st, 2014. You won't regret your decision for a moment.

(I have been advised that my made up symbol for Callahan Auto Parts was in fact an actual company. I regret any confusion regarding that error on my part. There is no IPO for Callahan Auto Parts. This is an April Fools joke.)