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Recent Earnings Releases

|Includes:CLCT, VSE Corporation (VSEC)

Collector's Universe's (NASDAQ:CLCT) management continues to perform well. I am calculating a forward P/E of 23, so stock is potentially starting to get pricey, as management appears to be expecting approximately 8-13% growth over the next few years. This growth expectation comes from management expecting to cash flow its dividend in the next 3-5 years. While not a direct correlation, CLCT is definitely still impacted by commodity prices. If commodity prices drop significantly, that could be a selling indicator.

VSE Corporation (NASDAQ:VSEC) had a very disappointing quarter. I underestimated how bad things were and have sold my position. Also, the quarter was worse than the EPS number suggests based on the earnout liability reducing and thus increasing income. I am writing an article that goes more in depth, but suffice it to say I have a "sell" rating on VSEC probably down to $25/share or so.

Stocks: VSEC, CLCT