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Mexican Historical Bonds... The Other History Of Mexico Part II

The first Mexican Investment Bankers

From last post.- Once it was decided to place debt to replenish the Early Mexican Government coffers, with a crippled economy, that could not be self sustainable domestically, by way of taxes, selling land, the decision was to place foreign debt..........end of post.

From intention to motion, to placement.- One of the very first issues our wizards came across, was how to setup a new structure, since the Spaniards had al the relevant information, contacts and means.

We all have to understand that long before the Marxists declared that the "Centralized Economy", was their invention, the Spanish Colonial authorities led by King Phillip II, centralized every issue, decision and command, also to protect the Spanish Metropolitan economy, no produce nor manufactured product that could compete was allowed, hence, after the consummation of the independence, there was no information, that could be used to build from scratch a financial pipeline with Europe or anywhere else for that matter.

Of course the last paragraph is an overkill, because Spanish and Creole merchants, not only traded, but also secured financing from other merchants, and even from merchant bankers from Europe and England.

Logical to a fault, the wizards summoned some of the most solid merchants that decided to stay in the new country or were somehow left behind.

These merchants, after agreeing with the new government on ancillary costs, essentially travel and lodging, set sail to the Old World, to meet with their commercial and/or financial counterparts, in a venue that sometimes had them abroad for months and years on no end......

On the next post.- People, Bankers, Printers and the firsts placements, Stay Tuned..............

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