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Lower Expectations For Better Results - High Yield, High Return Dividend Portfolio

Looking back on a previous blog post about Great Expectations, and considering how the screening and portfolio have been 'acting' lately, I have decided to lower my expectations for the High Yield High Return Dividend Portfolio. Not by much, but just enough. Instead of looking for 10% yield with high returns, I will be looking just one step lower; 9% yield.

Here's another, earlier blog post that might help to explain a bit more.

It's not a big change, but I think it adds a bit more 'stability' to the portfolio.

I've already posted today's watch list using the 'old' 10% yield screens, and this was today's result;

(click to enlarge)old watch listClick to enlarge

If the 'new' 9% screens were used instead, this would be the result;

(click to enlarge)new watch listClick to enlarge

This change will be instituted for tomorrow's watch list.