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Synergy Trader Pro: April Sees PRTS Rise 15%

|Includes:CPE, U.S. Auto Parts Network, Inc. (PRTS)

Earnings seasons brings to a close another slow month here at Synergy Trader Pro seeing only 2 trades come in through our software during the month of April. Although we had two very nice trades come through, unfortunately we are just paying the commissions as we had 1 winner and one loser. We expected our winner; PRTS to be more volatile than it was and this just goes to show that we are in a difficult market to trade in. Stocks are at a point where it's much easier to go down than it is to go up on any type of market volume.

However, things could have been worse for us because we were fortunate that we did not get stopped out of our PRTS position on a false AP tweet that sent the markets tumbling for several minutes before it was confirmed that there was NOT an explosion at the white house. Many people were stopped out of positions on this 5 minute free fall as many stop losses were triggered on the way down.

We have a short newsletter for you this month so we just want to cover the latest news around the community and talk about our two plays that came through the software. We are looking forward to the action picking up in May and hope that we can duplicate our results from last May, which were off the charts!

Latest News:

  • We have a new newsletter design! You may have noticed some differences in our newsletter, we are working on creating a brand image that stays consistent throughout the website, social media and email marketing segments. We think this new newsletter looks much more professional and will be more enjoyable to read.
  • Lookout for a new message board / forum coming soon on the website. We are striving to build relationships with our users and we feel a forum where we can discuss our strategy as well as current or past trade ideas will be a perfect addition to this service.
  • Our new "Double your $$" challenge account is fully funded and we are set to begin tracking these result on May 1st - Be sure to check back often as I will be making regular updates following our progress. I estimate that using this system and with a little luck we should be able to double this account in roughly 12-15 months.
  • We would like to welcome our new members that joined us in March. We hope that you find this service useful and please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions or concerns that you may have.

A summary of our picks from April 2013:

PRTS was called after the market closed on 4/9 with a closing price of $1.07 per share. After waiting 30 minutes after the market opened our software opened a positioned at $1.12. Stocks under $2 can be very volatile so our software gives them a little more "cushion" in terms of a stop loss price. In this case PRTShad a 10% stop loss instead of our usual 6% in overbought markets. This proved to come in handy as PRTS stumbled along most of the month, dipping to a low of $1.05 which is 6% of our purchase price and WOULD have triggered our stop loss if we didn't allow this cushion. Luckily for us PRTS bottomed here and slowly marched north allowing us to take a 10% gain 4 trading days later when it reached $1.23. As of this writing, our PRTS trade has seen a maximum potential GAIN of 15% topping out at $1.29 on 4/25.

CPE was called just after the market opened on 4/11 previously closing at a price of $3.57 per share. After waiting 30 minutes after the market opened our software opened a positioned at $3.76. CPE shot up to a high of $4.00 on the day where it smashed directly into the daily 20 day moving average. This proved to be a brick wall because that was it for CPE - the next day it reversed course, eventually stopping us out 2 days later at our 6% loss limit of $3.53. Synergy Trader Pro recorded a LOSS of 6% on the trade.

Any other picks that were called within 7 days of the end of the month will be covered in the next newsletter. This month that includes: N/A

We expect the action to pick up in May and we are very excited to start our "Double your $$" challenge. Feel free to play along as ALL of our picks our being sent out via email in real time. Just sign up for a FREE account to get started!

As always feel free to contact us with any questions/suggestions. Our goal here at Synergy Trader Pro is to build relationships with like-minded traders who seek a systematic and automated way to trade the stock market.

Happy Trading!

Stocks: PRTS, CPE