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A Hair Loss Cure Under Way Application Of Stem Cell Therapy

It appears that stem cells are more potent than most people think. Although the use of stem cells has been marked with controversy, stem cells are still used to treat a broad range of medical conditions. Not so recently, modern science started using the very same potential to develop a cure for baldness.

The study of stem cells started as early as their discovery in the mid-1800s. Stem cells are characterized by the ability to regenerate themselves into differentiated types of cells through mitosis. From the two stem cell types which are embryonic and adult stem cells, it is the latter that are utilized in the possibility of restoring hair for good. Adult stem cells convert itself into a differentiated type of cell if necessary-primarily to preserve and repair tissues in which they are found. The main problem however is that adult stem cells remain hard to identify and isolate adult stem cells in the human body.

Stem cell hair restoration is the use of stem cells after having been controlled and prepared correctly in order to stimulate hair growth in balding regions anywhere in the body. According to a clinical director, Dr. John Satino, "The idea of this way of stimulating follicle regeneration is based on the principles of wound healing, a sort of cellular regeneration therapy."

Autologous cell therapy (ACT) and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) are just two forms of stem cell application for hair loss. ACT is the procedure wherein the patient's own cells are used while simultaneously cutting in the factors that affect hair and follicle growth into the scalp. Under PRP, on the other hand, plasma is isolated from the patient's own blood and then injected back into the system. Because both procedures are completely natural, there is little worry for any complication. In fact, based on the successful applications, patients only experienced headaches and lightheadedness.

A number of physicians have been conducting both these treatments despite the ongoing research. Thus far, one Indian surgeon estimated a 70 percent success rate which is almost similar to that of hair transplants.

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