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The 25 Best Authors On Seeking Alpha

For those of you who are new to Seeking Alpha, or experienced users of the site looking for someone to read, here's my "must read" list of writers worth your time, in no particular order:

1. Dividend Mantra:

This guy walks you through the dream. His goal is full income replacement with dividend stocks, and he gives you a real-life, honest-to-god timeline of how to make that happen.

2. Norman Tweed:

Normal simply brings it. Personally, I love his stories about his Dominion Resources stock. It proves the adage "you only have to make it once." His articles are a great place to find common-sense and homespun wisdom.

3. Ashraf Eassa:

Ashraf's work ethic is astounding. I have no idea how he manages to combine high-quality content production with such a high volume of articles, but his explanatory powers are his harnessed blessing.

4. Chowder:

Chowder is not actually an author on Seeking Alpha, but he provides excellent instablog posts that are better than the typical content that you'll find in most financial literature. He runs his son's "Project $3 Million Portfolio", and it is a great place to see real-world wealth get built month by month. It's like watching a mansion get built brick by brick.

5. Eddie Herring:

Eddie's articles are awesome. His writings explain how goals, common-sense wisdom, and stock selection can combine to put together a great life for yourself. His article archives are a great place to find intelligent arguments for dividend stocks.

6. Bob Wells:

Bob's skill is his ability to explain the transition to common-sense dividend growth investing, especially when it involves a portfolio shift. Bob is probably one of the most relatable writers that Seeking Alpha offers, and he has cultivated an audience that is hugely responsive to his style of writing. Instead of just getting hit with conclusions, Bob walks you through his thought process and does his readers a great service in the process.

7. Chuck Carnevale:

Chuck is the bossman of Seeking Alpha. Out of SA's 3,000 writers, Chuck is easily in the top three of "most persuasive" writers on the site. He does this by crafting hypotheses, hitting you with the data to reach a conclusion, and then drawing logical inferences that make you think, "How could I reach any other conclusion?" He is also unfailingly polite and generous with his time, and he created the service F.A.S.T. Graphs that is immensely helpful to both beginning and experienced investors.

8. Robert Allan Schwartz:

Robert has created an entire website dedicated to giving you the dividend histories of stocks. He is excellent at explaining the importance of typing investment objectives to personal goals, and he is incredibly kind and helpful at explaining the dividend investing strategy to those starting out. His articles are chockful of data, analysis, and personal flavor, and it's easy to spend an hour or two of your time going through his articles.

9. Brad Thomas:

Brad is essentially the king of real estate on Seeking Alpha. If he didn't exist, Seeking Alpha wouldn't be the same place because there would be a huge hollow shell where REIT articles are supposed to be. He provides excellent work on a regular basis, and deserves a hat tip for the personal time he devotes to answering reader questions and helping them learn.

10. Regarded Solutions:

Regarded Solutions is an excellent author that works tirelessly to help out new investors. He also puts himself on the line by offering opinions about the future, and it takes guts to do that. He offers creative thinking and analysis, and his articles are packed with individual flavor.

11. Jeff Miller:

Jeff runs a regular column titled "Weighing the Week Ahead." Normally, I figured predicting the short-term direction of stocks would be akin to flipping a coin, with perhaps even worse odds. Jeff turns predictions into both a science and art form, and he delivers the data to back up his conclusions.

12. David Fish:

David provides the CCC List, which is perhaps the single-most important instrument for helping investors start their stock selection process. If you want high-quality income, David is your guy. He's incredibly generous with his time, and he gives you the science behind dividend stocks. What more can you ask for?

13. David Crosetti:

David is a powerhouse who actually has the personal experience to show you that dividend investing works. His Coca-Cola position that he has built up over the decades makes him Seeking Alpha's in-house Warren Buffett. By using common sense and delayed gratification as his guiding principles, he is able to walk you through the steps of how to find success with your own investing life.

14. David Van Knapp:

The last of the three Davids, David is the site's godfather of dividend growth investing. He puts out a portfolio of high-quality dividend stocks for public examination, and you won't find anyone better when it comes to explaining the bedrock principles of dividend growth investing. He is gentlemanly in his conduct towards everyone, and he is an absolutely fantastic writer.

15. Bob Johnson:

Bob is excellent at explaining why the path to success often hinges around building a portfolio of the most durable stocks in town. He is an excellent writer and story teller, and his articles present data in a way that holds the attention of all his readers. He has a very approachable writing story, and it's easy to see why he has picked up so many fans.

16. Jake Honeycutt:

Jake is an excellent writer that uncovers unique opportunities. It's easy to see why he has picked up such a humongous fan base. He's an independent thinker, and explains why he reaches conclusions that go against the grain and end up making lots of money.

17. Chris Demuth Jr.:

Chris is incredibly analytical. He takes the emotion out of investing. He comes up with an idea, applies the numbers to it, and then determines whether it works or not. A true independent analyst and free thinker, and a great writer to boot.

18. Mike Nadel:

Mike is an awesome writer at telling a personal story. He explains the effect that investing has on him, and he writes in an extraordinarily relatable fashion. He's also incredibly likable and an all-around decent guy. It would be exceptionally difficult to find someone that has a problem with Mike's writings and thought-process.

19. Dividend Growth Machine:

DGM has a very high number of followers in relation to the amount of articles that he has written. It's because he provides great data to explain his thoughts, and you can't help but walk away from his articles impressed by his thought process.

20. Eli Inkrot:

Eli is great at combining common sense, historical data, and reasonable forward-looking inferences to make sound investment decisions. You can definitely learn a thing or two going through his archives.

21. Dividend Growth Investor:

First, God made the sun. Then the earth. Somewhere shortly thereafter, DGI entered the picture. He has been writing dividend articles since the dawn of the internet, and it is breathtaking to see his methodology consistently applied year after year, and pretty soon, we'll be able to say, decade after decade.

22. Adam Aloisi:

Adam might be the least likely investor on this website to get caught up in a bubble. He is able to recognize when valuations get way out of whack, and he can resist the group think of people who say, "What's an extra 30%, it's a high-quality holding." The world could have used a few more Adams back in the techboom days.

23. Ocean Man:

Ocean man doesn't write unless he has something damn important to say. And when he talks, you better listen. He hasn't even written 10 articles yet, and he has well over 1,000 followers. He finds unique opportunities, and you'd be smart to listen to him when he talks.

24. Early Retiree:

Early Retiree is someone who is fanatically focused on the fundamentals of a stock, and doesn't really care what the crowd things at a given point in time. He explains why his analysis of a company's profitability leads to a substantial dislocation in price, and then he buys. A lot of Benjamin Graham's philosophy can be found in his writings.

25. Nicholas Ward:

Nicholas Ward's article archives are a great place to find a young investor's journey through large-cap investing. Nicholas doesn't force his opinions on you; he lets his conclusions speak for themselves. He also fails into the "unfailingly polite" camp, and is incredibly gracious in his interactions with all.

Seeking Alpha has over 3,000 active writers. I guarantee you that I missed at least a dozen excellent writers on my list. That's unavoidable and should be acknowledged right off the bat. But if you are looking for some excellent writers to follow, the 25 names listed above will get you a lot of mileage. They're great at their craft, generous with sharing ideas, and Seeking Alpha is very lucky to benefit from their regular participation in this forum.