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Spa Products And Accessories From The House Of BestMassage - Tao Trading Co.

Besides providing the main line massage products like the portable massage tables, stationary massage tables, massage chairs, massage stools etc, BestMassage - Tao Trading Co. also offers various Spa products and accessories. If you are setting up a Spa or planning to bring in a new feel to it, there are many little things to be taken care to make the massage experience of your client a refreshing one. For example, elegant ambiance, fragrant surroundings, clean linen etc. count a lot when providing a service which would be again sought for.

The largest warehouse of massage equipment, BestMassage - Tao Trading Co. is a leading provider of massage and bodywork related products. They cover a wide range of massage products catering to the whole spectrum of the body workers and the body therapists. Whether someone is a student, a home practitioner or an amateur body worker trying to gain experience or a professional spa owner, BestMassage - Tao Trading Co. has the right massage products for you. Coupled with the services like money back guarantee, best price guarantee and a decade long experience of innovation and service, it is a one stop shop for all massage equipment needs. Some of the Spa products are:

Spa quality slippers: These Non-woven (disposable) and Terry slippers are designed for professional use in spas, salons, hotels and indoor environments. With these unisex and standard sized disposable or washable slippers, spa owners can provide your clients with hygiene, peace of mind and protection from cold and hot surfaces while they wander around your facility. Using disposable slippers also helps eliminate any cleaning hassles.

12-pc Spa towels: These 2 ply 100% combed cotton towels are extremely soft and absorbent and are perfect for use by Spas, manicurists, tanning salons, and Health Clubs.  They are machine washable and will withstand thousands of washings.

Spa Bamboo Towels: For an elegant, eco-friendly and giving practical boost to the spa look for smooth and silky Spa Bamboo Towels. Durability and the natural anti-bacterial properties of bamboo make them hygienic and eco-friendly.

BodyChoice Aroma Diffuser: This product fills your spa/home with healing moisture and a pleasing scent of your choice.   The cool moisture from the Aroma Diffuser works wonders for congestion, sinus infections, and dry lips, nose, eyes and skin.  You can relax in the therapeutic effects of aromatherapy by adding just a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to the Aroma Diffuser. It comes with a one year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

Hot Towel Warmer: This new SpaMaster Essentials™ Hot Towel Warmer is perfect for your salon or spa, with its clean, classic design. It can easily fit on a countertop or below one of the BestMassage massage tables and its advanced technology allows for a quick warm-up, and constantly keeps the warmer at about 158ºF (70ºC). It also comes with a removable wire basket for easy loading of the facial towels.

Steamy wonder Spa System: The original, patented Steamy Wonder™ system includes a royal blue canopy, steam generator, circulating fan, special steam sealing sheet, thermal blanket, digital thermometer/clock, Treatment Manual, Users Manual, and sample products. You can visit for more details.