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Jaded City Banker Finds A Life.

I only had to read the first few pages of "An Audience with Lorenzo the Magnificent" to find the hairs on the back of my neck lifting. As Botticelli's angel boarded the London bus on which a jaded City banker trundled along his disgruntled way to work, I knew instantly that this book was going to resonate deeply in my soul. The writing is beautiful, intelligent and cultured. Whatever the author's education, background and life may be, his writing is universal and addresses philosophical and metaphysical issues which inevitably engage any self aware human being struggling to make sense of an apparently meaningless universe.

That I myself long ago embarked upon a continuing journey similar to that of the book's "hero" may not be entirely co-incidental to my appreciation of this author's work. Nonetheless I suspect that the epiphany, the satori which I often experience when moved by something like this book may well be experienced by others from very different backgrounds and lives. It may surprise some that I find the message of the book one laden with meaning but I consider the questions raised and partially answered here are some of the most important any conscious being could ask. Take a trip along the road to Damascus and re-discover importance and meaning.