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Why isn't SA publishing the Needham response, part 1&2, to Copperfield???

|Includes:OCZ Technology Group Inc (OCZ)

Where is the fairness, Seeking Alpha???  Why haven't you published the Needham response to the hit piece that SA published, from "Copperfield," the hitter that SA promotes and protects!

My opinion, SA's agenda is to hit and run, and create an unfair marketplace.  It is very easy to trash a company during a quarterly earnings quite period, and never reveal a source, and influencing markets so negatively.  Why wouldn't you report both sides, SA?  Do you have an agenda?  Are you paid to do so?  Do you profit from the hit peices you publish?  Has the SEC ever looked into your activity?

I plan to ask many questions, to SA, and to governing bodies.  We'll see where this goes.

Stocks: OCZ