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New Book Released

Greetings -

I am writing to let you know that an updated new edition of "Getting Started in Options" has just been released by John Wiley & Sons. To read about the book please use the direct link to

This book has been an amazing success over the past 25 years, and has sold over 250,000 copies in its past 8 editions. The secret to its success, I believe, is that it presents everything in clear, non-technical language; with sidebars for valuable resources and key points; many example, and definitions in context.

Another feature in this new edition is that it is an "illustrated edition." Not only are the in-chapter illustrations more extensive; the publisher also asked me to write a one-page comic strip for the end of each chapter. They then had an illustrator develop the artwork for the running comic theme. I must say, the illustrator was great. The comic version of me actually looks like me!

The latest edition's table of contents:

Introduction to the 9th Edition
Chapter 1 - Calls and Puts: Defining the Field of Play
Chapter 2 - Opening and Tracking: How It All Works
Chapter 3 - Buying Calls: Maximizing the Rosy View
Chapter 4 - Buying Puts: The Positive Side of Pessimism
Chapter 5 - Selling Calls: Conservative and Profitable
Chapter 6 - Selling Puts: The Overlooked Strategy
Chapter 7 - Closing Positions: Cover, Close, Exercise or Roll
Chapter 8 - Choosing Stocks: Finding the Right Ingredients
Chapter 9 - Paper Trading: A Test Run of the Theory
Chapter 10 - Calculating the Return: A Complex Aspect to Options
Recommended Reading

Who needs this book? Every beginning options trader will benefit from having this book. If you have associates or clients who also have expressed an interest in options trading, they will also find benefits in this book's pages. I invite you to check it out. The amazon./com link, once again, is:

All my best, Michael