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Free Webcast: The Dividend Collar

You are invited to download a free webcast presented by Michael C. Thomsett, on the topic of the dividend collar. This is a webcast of the presentation he gave last Tuesday at the Traders Expo in New York.

Learn how to find the effective three-part hedge consisting of long stock, a long put, and a short call. Once you find one of these that works, your stock's market risk is frozen by the long put; the long put is paid for by the short call; and the short call's risk is eliminated by ownership of the stock. With proper timing, you can get into the stock position in time to earn the current dividend, and then get out through exercise. If you do this with a series of stocks with different expiration cycles, you can earn quarterly dividends every month.

For example, if you find three stocks, each paying 4% per year, and each with different dividend cycles, you can earn a 1% dividend every month by moving in and out of the stock position, converting a set of 4% dividends into 12% per year (by earning quarterly dividends every month).

This is an opportunity to hear for yourself how the dividend collar works, and how to find effective candidates for the strategy. Go to The Dividend Collar Webcast for this free download.