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4 Likely Promises From Apple In 2013

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It's no secret that Apple provides us all with fresh and innovative products on a constant basis. The 2013 announcements will be slightly different for Apple. Besides the obvious releases for Apple, it appears inevitable that the release of an end-to-end Apple TV and a deal with China Mobile is in store for next year.

The Obvious Two - iPhone and iPad

Apple will continue their iPhone updates with the iPhone 5s and iPad updates with a slimmer and lighter New iPad, and a Retina Display iPad Mini.

Most people (including myself) agree that the release of the New iPad and updated iPad Mini will take place sometime in March 2013. As for an updated iPhone, however, people feel the need to push an early June release. I disagree with those sentiments and believe that Apple will wait until the September/October timeframe. There's no guarantee, but we can find similar release cycles from Apple with the iPhone 4s & 5.

This tells us that the majority of AAPL FY 2013 earnings will be from the iPhone 5 and not the iPhone 5s.

Apple TV

We all know that Apple currently sells an Apple TV box that connects to any HDTV. Those little black boxes have totaled about 10 Million in sales as of 2012 year end estimates. That shows us that people have already started quietly investing in Apple TV.

I would venture to say that most of these early adopters would be down for purchasing an Apple TV, especially if they are looking to treat themselves or their families for the 2013 Holidays.

Other supporting facts:

In a recent interview, Tim Cook mentioned that the TV is an area of "intense interest."

Steve Jobs mentioned in Walter Isaacson's biography that he "cracked" the TV.

Well Steve wasn't and Tim isn't talking about the current Apple TV. They are talking about a full end-to-end TV system from Hardware to Software.

Consider this - Apple has built a massive amount of Apple retail stores in the past few years. Doesn't that make it super easy to pick up an Apple TV?

China Mobile Deal

China Mobile (NYSE:CHL) currently has over 700 Million subscribers. Of those 700 Million, about 80 Million or 11.4% are also 3G subscribers - a drop in the bucket compared to the overall customer base.

There are concerns with an agreement between Apple and China Mobile, mostly over revenue sharing and implementing the 3G network technology China Mobile uses into the iPhone. Regardless, at some point one of the parties will give in. The potential with that 700 Million customer base is too big to ignore.


For 2013, Apple will continue with their never-ending product announcements. However, the cycle will be a little different from the previous 2 years - the main difference here being a totally new Apple TV product announcement and an inevitable deal with China Mobile.

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Additional disclosure: I plan on purchasing more AAPL shares throughout the end of 2012.

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