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March Performance

Here is a breakdown of all the articles I have written and how the trades played out.

On March 13th I recommended (SWHC) Smith & Wesson June 5 calls going for 2.10. If you sat and did nothing until now the calls are now worth 3.40 or about 1.30 gain per contract. I would call this a home run trade. SWHC is still up 1.30 from the date of recommendation.

On March 16th I recommended SPY put may 138 that was going for 2.89

When the trade was recommended the SPY closed at 140.30 and is now at 141.26 3/28 provided a quick close date since if one was to just hold on to these puts they are now worth 1.48 per contract. The SPY is more of a fast money trade, unless the trend is clearly in one direction. Even when I am betting on one direction, when I trade the SPY bullish or bearish this is generally a quick trade.

On March 22 I recommended the XLY that was trading at $44.60 and is now trading $45.12 There was no specific option play, just buying calls on dips.

On March 23 I recommended MO June 28 calls at 2.36 and are now going for 3.25. When I recommended MO (as I have many times) the stock was trading at 30.40 and is now trading at 31.09

For disclosure I did put on a option play in MO and took profits. But, nit a bad play i one sat and did nothing for 2 weeks and made $89 per contract!

On March 23 I recommended WMT June 57.50 calls going for 3.85 they are now going for 3.50 The stock is still flat since being at 60.75 on March 23 to now closing at 60.65 There was about 1 day where traders could of made a small profit, but at the time being traders if they held would be down $35 per contract.

On March 23 I recommended MSFT May 19 28 calls going for 4.00 and the stock was at 32.01 The calls are now going for 4.05 and the stock is at 31.85 The first couple of day traders could make an easy buck, but the stock is currently flat.

On March 28 I recommended Visa June 120/125 call spread at 2.12 the spread is now at 2.29 The stock was at 119.35 and is now at 120.36 Lets see how this plays out

On March 30 I recommended Ford June 10 calls going for 2.35 I did this trade and exited out at 2.69 When I bought in the stock was at 12.35 and now the stock is at 12.64 I am still bullish on Ford and would buy again if Ford got close to 12.

I wanted to personally thank all my followers and I will be providing a instablog every month to show you performance. I understand that with investing our main goal is to have positive performance. Even though I don't trade every article I write, I always strive when I write an article as if I was really trading the stock I am writing about since if i have a track record of poor performance, I most likely won't be taken seriously.

March was a good month if investors were bullish and In the first quarter Bulls 35 Bears 7. I'm looking forward to April and the start of Q2. If you ever have any questions or comments feel free to send a message. Thanks for Reading and Good Luck

Disclosure: I am long INTC.