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Is The Euro Toast?

|Includes:Airbus Group SE (EADSF)

“The 17-country Eurozone may be history in the not-too-distant future as central banks are trying to determine the next steps in a crisis that does not want to abate.

We may see the printing presses running again, churning out francs, lira, drachma and a myriad of other somewhat forgotten bank notes.

What does this mean to the average American? That is difficult to say, but if the European economic situation can improve it will benefit us all; simply because we will be able to trade with more certainty than has been the case for many months. This also presumes that the United States’ manufacturing sector can somehow ramp up again and produce goods that the world wants to purchase.

Candidates on the presidential campaign trail are speaking very little about how we might start our own economic engine, but this is essential; especially in light of opportunities that may be presented as Europe tries to sort out it own problems. The dollar can return to be that stable currency peg that a world in turmoil is seeking. Perhaps a leader will step forward in this coming election year and return us to a nation of producers not just self serving financial engineers,” said AJ Discala, CEO of The Broadsmoore Group.

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