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Advanced Cell Technology as an Investment

|Includes:Dominion Resources, Inc. (D)
Advanced Cell Technology as an Investment...."There is so much more than meets the eye on this company.  Unlike other penny stocks, this one really seems exciting and has the potential to go somewhere.   Press releases dealing with Chinese patents, all the way to European studies are not just smoke and mirror trickery that you see in other penny stock companies.  If this company can really do what they say they can then the sky really is the limit for them. Of course like any stock one must do their own research to analyze all the risks involved.   With as much potential as ACTC has, it still has potential risks.  While the studies and test that were performed on the animals did exceedingly well, the cells have never been tested in humans until now.  The risk here being will the treatments work and be proven to be safe for standard medical usage.  Also while funding for the company is currently not issues, conducting these types of tests are expensive.  If a joint venture partner were found, then the financial risks would be greatly reduced but until that time the risk remains.  Finally, the company’s number of current outstanding shares is measure at 1.7 billion which makes the stock price register in the pennies.  Needless to say, many potential investors shy away from penny stocks so the amount of people who will be entering at these levels is reduced."
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