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What I Want From Apple Is ...

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I am not an analyst. I am an Apple consumer and an Apple shareholder. Hence I will not be digesting numbers and providing any forecasts on the stock's performance in the near future.

As an Apple consumer, it's very clear to me what I want this year. First of all I want an iPhone 5S so bad because I can't wait to upgrade my 4S phone to more powerful device that is still slick and delivers the same great user interface that is more inviting than anything else I have seen around. The second thing I want really bad is an iPad mini with Retina display because it's the perfect tablet size for me. I like to read at night and the iPad is a little heavy when laying down in bed.

From a software perspective what I really want and (I hope that the Apple team is considering adding this to their product pipeline) is a reverse Siri feature embedded in the next iOS that works and that would read my news, emails, FB posts, etc while I'm on the road driving so I don't have to take my eyes off the road.

If Apple wants to surprise me with a new line of products, whether this is an iWatch, iTV or an iRing, I will be the first one in line to purchase these products.

Since life is too short, it's not worth cutting corners on devices that we use many hours a day, on a daily base just to save some money. I'd rather give up on a dinner at a fancy restaurant once a month and enjoy my awesome Apple products such as the MacBook, iPad and iPhone as oppose to getting a cheaper device from its competitors. So as long as Apple produces, I will promise to consume as much as they can feed me.

As an Apple shareholder, I don't really care about what the Apple decides to do with the cash and I'm also not here for the dividend. My main requirement as a shareholder; is to make sure Apple keeps the other me (the consumer) happy and focuses on the delivery aspect. As long as they keep producing quality products, everything else will be taken care of by itself. They will automatically put pressure on Google, Samsung, Nokia and everyone else who needs to raise their bars to keep up with Apple.

As a final note, I don't expect Mr. Cook to think like an analyst because he is not an analyst. He is CEO and he has more important things to worry about. I hope that analyst are correct in predicting a near term decline in the stock because that is good news for us the shareholders who believe in this company. It will give us the opportunity to load more on AAPL shares at a discount price. I also understand the position of the hedge fund managers and why some need to sell APPL at the moment, to avoid explaining their poor performance at the end of the year because this will lead to an negative impact on their compensation. However long-term investors shall be rewarded.

Disclosure: I am long AAPL.

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