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HP's Announcements May Be A Boon For Mac Sales

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Ironically, HP's public statements about its PC division (to be jettisoned without a clearly defined plan) and decisions to discontinue webOS-based handheld products may be a boon for Mac sales. Apple is alone in the global marketplace with fully integrated solutions comprising PCs, tablets and smartphones. 


The fact that the world's #1 PC maker has determined the company lacks staying power in the marketplace signals to enterprises, consumers and educational institutions the best and safest approach to safeguard technology investments is to purchase Apple products, including Macintosh personal computers. 


Watch for an uptick in Mac sales through the holiday quarter in response to HP's announcements. In particular, HP's capitulation may accelerate the pace of Macintosh sales growth in the enterprise market and cement Apple's leadership in both the K-12 environment and on college campuses. 


Although the pace of Macintosh unit sales growth slowed in the June quarter due in part  to a surprising level of early iPad adoption in the K-12 market, risk-averse buyers of technology products have more reasons now to consider Apple as the primary supplier of technology solutions, including Macintosh personal computers.

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