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potential buyer of CHNG

|Includes:China Natural Gas, Inc. (CHNG)

Kunlun Energy ( just announced a plan to invest CNY 10 bln to build gas stations across china in a year. This can be bullish for CHNG, a pontential acquisition target. GS is also upbeat about CNG/LNG scetor in China as the developement is still at very early stage and potential is huge. Kunlun's plan to build 350 CNG stations over next few years leaves a lot of room as to how they are going to achieve its goal. People still remember how PetroChina and SinoPepec came on top of many front-runners to become the dominant force in gas station networks in China. It is just a matter of time for small operators to be acquired and integrated into their networks. But the good news is they are generous in their bids after all the money is not out of individual's pockets and monopoly allows them to charge higher prices to make them better off. If this scenario plays out, based on the latest financials available, CHNG is worth at least $7.5 (vs $2.56 now) per share without figuring into future growth.

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