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Update: Profits of Selling Fears On May - "Robber Barons & Huns (Part 1)

|Includes:AMZN, BIDU, CSCO, DANG, GOOG, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), JPM, MCO, QIHU, RENN, SINA, SOHU, TEVA, YOKU

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 May 4, 2011


   Re: Update: Profits of Selling Fears on May -

"Robber Barons & Huns" (Part 1)

Author: Uri Praiss, Law and Economics Lecturer,

Attorney at law (since 1990, Israel)


  1. First, I am honored to thank all our supporters, update and explain briefly our full version's article of last week - "Wall Street's Robber Barons and Huns (part 1) – Rearmed by Advanced Speed Trade, Hi – Tech & Algorithms –Manipulating All Markets by Abusing M. Spence's "Signaling" & "Games Theory" –Urgent Danger to The Wealth of Nations Investigate and Stop the HFT "Short" Sellers Now!!!".


  1. The full article was just filed with a formal complaint to S.E.C as well as N.Y.A.G. It was sent to President Obama, Sec. Geithner, Dr. Bernanke, Dr. Volcker, Sheila Bair, Sen. Carl Levin, Rep. Barney Frank, and so. For any contribution, please see bank details below.


  1. May 2nd, 2011 – Dow's, Nasdaq and S & P's Futures were very green all night, even before Bin Laden's celebrations. But the Huns of Wall Street couldn't care less. Vice Versa, that was a very good opportunity to start the "Sell in May" short & fears selling carnival (for them, or a long funeral for us)  


  1. As trade started – all green futures were smashed at once by the Huns. Take the daily (or last week's) charts in front of you, please.


  1. Dow Jones was beaten at once by a "concerted selling effort" (or "Stiff selling pressure", etc.) – below the 12,850 line. Obviously (Bin Laden !! -  many expected even 2 – 3 % rise), the volume pushed up a little, but then surrendered to the Huns' 2 brutal efforts down, after 11:00 am – you cannot miss them on the chart - and the last manipulated pressure was to 12,800's line.


  1. On Nasdaq's field, the "selling pressure" dropped down all along, almost to the 2,850 line, that was passed easily only the next day's manipulated drop, May 3rd.


  1. I must emphasize - Killing Bin Laden, by itself, is like winning a very important war, smooth and sharp, without any casualties, showing Pakistan's true and important friendship – just beautiful. Worth Trillions by itself. Ask Teva's CEO, (General) Shlomo Yanai. I am just a Major, even though I've served a few years, including the 1st Lebanese War.


  1. Bin Laden was the founder, master and leader of the most horrible International Terrorist Cancer, El Qaeda. Never take hostages but to cut their heads on line, the sole responsible for the most Satanic Terror Operation in history.


  1. Huns were not disturbed even by more than ever "beating expectations" reports. I hear so many false excuses and rationalizations, I can't believe my ears. The most damaging are the most superstitious – like this "Sell in May and go". See how expectations build reality. That's Economics.


  1. This "Sell in May" slogan is the Huns biggest gold mine – reminds me how 1600 years ago they robbed and burned almost all Asia and Europe, riding their horses. It reminds me of Bin – Laden's Terror too. So simple.


  1.  Look at the damage our Huns caused the whole economy from last year's May till now. That's when they started, with these advanced speedy hi - tech & math tools. What's next?


  1. Someone even called it (May 2nd's stock markets) "Ugly Reversal of the stock markets". Indeed. Please, read my full article for a much wider explanation. Part 2 of the article would deal with the false pessimist fearful AS IF "learned" excuses – Inflation, Deficit, Debts, Deflation, Stagflation, etc., but the best are simple – "Sell in May and go away" – sounds like Broadway.


  1. Lately, even when Oil "drops" from 113 (!!) – I read about (whose?) fears as if it indicates a drop in the U.S. growth and production (!!)


  1. Monday was just the beginning of the Huns' May riots.  "Tuesday's even worse" - May 3rd. Follow the charts, please. First, a "stiff selling effort" pushed the Dow below 12,800, and then the main target of the day – dropping Nasdaq from 2,850 – watch on the chart the aggressive push from 10:30, while a lighter effort dropped the Dow then back to 12,800.


  1. The main sharp efforts were between 13:00 to 15:00. Then started the "short" buy back. You can easily see on the daily (or weekly) charts, that the Huns effort and "returns" were much higher at Nasdaq than Dow.

  3.  How they do it? Watch the daily extraordinary quick selling effort and drop in Google's share chart, Cisco and especially Baidu, the Chinese Google, with all the other Internet giants (all traded at Nasdaq) – Sohu, Sina, Yoku, Dang, Qihu (The Chinese equivalents of Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, etc. On May 4th comes Renren's (NYSE:RENN) 1st IPO – evaluated as 3 times Facebook – Huns spoil the show. Watch also on May 4th how the efforts to drop S&P from 1,350 succeed. They "worked" for it


  1. Finally, I was asked if the article's name used Adam Smith's 1776 "The Wealth of Nations". Indeed. I am sure he meant that "The Invisible Hand" of markets does not belong to a pick pocket trader or banker or both, robbing our faith, hope and strength, in this amazing recovery from the last 2007 bankers and traders' greed disaster.


  1. Please let us help and be of service, in this new scandal we suffer at least from last year's horrible May. For any contribution – bank account IL49 0130 7500 0000 2465 782 :(IBAN). Don't sell on May and go away. Trillions of households and firms are waiting frustrated, fearful and confused by the fence. Give the Huns a lesson and let the economy bloom. To be continued.


Best regards,


Uri Praiss, Attorney   

Law & Economics Lecturer


Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.