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Amish Arbitrage

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As part of Obamacare, taxes on investment income were hiked by 3.8% starting this month on AGI of over $200 k for individuals and couples of over $250 k for couples. Except… Pound for pound, going joint and several on health liabilities with 300 million perfect strangers may not sound like an optimal use of one's resources. You may consider investigating some alternatives. In a subsequent post, I will go into the more elaborate alternative of citizenship in Dominica, but for now I will focus on the altogether more incremental and obvious solution: become a Mennonite. There is lots of small print in the Obamacare legislation, so lots of scope for regulatory arbitrage. In particular, about a quarter of a million Old Order Mennonites and Old Older Amish are exempt from Obamacare's mandates and taxes. There are no penalties for filing for a religious exemption, but using modern medicine anyway. A key requirement is that one needs to link up with a qualifying sect that has existed since 1950.

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