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Lazy/efficient Blogger Seeking Help

If you've read my blog over the past week, I am trying out three regular features:

  1. humor (related to investing or business). This is just for fun as humor is an end in and of itself.
  2. a chart of the day (generally with some underlying point or exposing a paradox that will likely resolve itself in some manner that could be exploitable in the capital markets). This is intended to be useful and/or interesting and
  3. a daily fact from a primary source - typically a regulator, court, company, or SEC filer - that is a factor in my investment decisions. This is intended to offer readers something that might be useful or might shine a light on the types of events that I care about. A lot of investment research is a long game of telephone in which people analyze analysis. I want to get back to analyzing facts and to do so I like to go to the original sources. That means going back to primary documents, reading them, understanding them, and then going to principals in order to get their help in further understanding their intent and meaning.

As of today, I have a backlog of cartoons, charts, and facts that can be used and the pile grows each day. Part of my goal is to post one despite the fact that I look at hundreds of charts and even more filings/suits/decisions (alas not quite so many cartoons). Like with investing, much of what could make this blog great is radical selectivity.

However, I am always at risk of getting stuck in a rut based upon my own sources. Morning research takes a few hours, so my time is essentially used up by the time the sun rises. That means that I must be missing a lot of great stuff. So, if you have any inclination to help, I would be grateful for anything that you would like to send me. The criteria are pretty straightforward:

  1. I am trying to put out the funniest vaguely investment-related cartoon that I find each day.
  2. The chart should show something about how the world works. I am generally interested in charts that are timely and that show extremes. I am less interested in subtlety than in charts that show some glaring fact that is lucratively actionable with some type of crude reaction.
  3. As for the daily fact, it has to be from a primary source and without commentary. This could serve as the beginning of someone's research project. Not everyone will come away with the same reaction, but it could prompt readers to look further. It should have a material impact on specific securities' prices. My articles are my own conclusions based upon my premises. They are my best answers to the questions that I consider important. But in this feature, I want to reveal one of the premises.

Any help out there? Unless you request otherwise or unless there are duplicative suggestions or unless I forget, I intend to include a "h/t" to the source. Thanks for any consideration to this request. Part of my hope in this blog is to bring together a subset of Seeking Alpha readers who are interested in value investing, event driven strategies, and exploitable price anomalies in capital markets and in everyday life. So, I am grateful for anyone who shares these interests and for anyone who helps with suggestions for content that would interest fellow travelers. The very idea of this blog is to find something for nothing; it is in that spirit that I ask for your help.