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Shorts Forum

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Welcome to the Seeking Alpha Instablog Shorts Forum. My hope and expectation is that this forum can be used for anyone with questions or answers regarding the activity of shorting securities. I welcome any and all sincere contributions to the comment section below. Is shorting simply the inverse of buying such that the same research methodologies and standards apply? What are the theoretical and practical issues that one confronts when short selling? What information can be gleaned from the marketplace in terms of short interest in a given security?

When presenting a short thesis, it is clear that the topic can quickly turn to the shorts themselves. So, this is also an opportunity for short sellers to come clean. Are we inherently manipulating the market? What would that even entail? Is there a conflict between shorting and also presenting that short idea? Are we evil? I look forward to a broad range of contributions. Going forward, I hope that we can turn commenters interested in the shorts (as opposed to the security-level idea) to this discussion to save unnecessary redundancy and tedium that can accompany the debunking of conspiracy theories.