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I Love Copper.

|Includes:United States Copper Index ETF (CPER)

This is the concept model for "Steam Amp II" a piece I recently commissioned. This is the first-draft concept rendering. I just signed off on a numbered series of about four copies; if anyone is interested in such things, then please let me know. I would like to think that this is how Capt. Nemo would listen to his music on the Nautilus.

But back to copper. One of my favorite books on investing, Fortune's Formula, begins with the history of the "private wire" and what one is to do with an informational edge that allows one party to bet with a durable advantage. We finally got our private wire strung to Rangeley Lake - four miles of new dedicated copper wire straight to the Rangeley Capital office. So, our information is fast. Any remaining investment errors will be wholly due to human operator error.

Stocks: CPER