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Boat Naming Help Needed

I successfully named three kids, now need a bit of help on two boats.

We are doing our small part in helping out the New England shipbuilding industry with one rebuild in Maine and one build in Connecticut this year. Any good name suggestions?

Here's what I've come up with so far

  • Daisy Cutter (sweet sounding name, but also largest conventional bomb in the US arsenal)
  • Satisfaction (Henry Morgan's flagship)
  • Henry Morgan (one of the few famous pirates to have a successful career and retire rich and safe at the end)
  • Belle Amie (a play on Samuel "Black Sam" Bellamy, the highest-earning pirate in history)
  • Deux et Vingt (the only one with a little hedge fund reference)
  • The Single Entendre (in opposition to the over use of cutesy double entendres in boat names)
  • Cold Wind (because in the end, you're going to say the name a million times, so things should be given really really simple names)