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PWVI Powerverde Inc. and why they are hot right now

|Includes:PowerVerde, Inc. (PWVI)

 Recently a really valuable stock tip fell into my lap. It was Powerverde inc. (Public, OTC:PWVI). They are a "Green" energy company with a great invention for saving companies millions in energy prices. They have invented a totally “Green” fossil fuel pump that can be universally implemented into many different end-use companies to use on solar farms, NG pipeline operations, and other heat wasting companies. The idea is to recycle heat into the generator to make more watts and longer life of power. It is a hybrid between a diesel motor and electric with a goal to lessen our dependency on foreign oil and help boost the “Green” movement and economy.

Right now the green movement is gaining a lot of momentum and Powerverde is helping lead the way with innovation. Currently, according to U.S. Energy Information Administration our highest production of energy is renewable energy sources (wind, hydro electric, geothermal, etc.) at 75.031 quadrillion btu for 2010 which stomps fossil fuels at 58.527 quadrillion btu. Why do we pay such a premium for fossil fuels? How much energy escapes from current renewable energy sources. Well Powerverde has the answer.
In other news Powerverde stocks are hot right now. Over the six months there has been a considerable jump in value from around $0.50 a share in January, to around $0.90 in May, and then in June it spikes up to around $3.50 a share. #This is largely due to private share offering over the past few months and multiple deals with other organizations including New Mexico College and Newton Investments BV from the Netherlands. In conclusion PWVI is in a bull market and has very decently priced shares at the moment.

Disclosure: I am long OTCQB:PWVI.
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