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Market Thoughts - Week Ending 08/31/2012

So Quantitative Easing Three (QE3) became the big turd in the proverbial punch bowl last week, just as I figured it would.

The reason it did is because Ben "Well I'll Be Damned" Bernanke has no choices left. He shot his wad. He's over, end of story, done.

All individual investors need to do to take advantage of this impotency, is wake the hell up.

Next week, and probably for several weeks after, individual investors are going to see a plethora of articles about what they need to invest in now that they are on their own, abandoned by the Central Bank.

It will be complete and utter garbage, this information spewing on to the web from the so called "analysts", intended only to move the latest investment product or newsletter to market.

Nonetheless, individual investors will hang on every word.

Standing at the communal urinals of America, co-workers will talk about the economy and the lack of easing on the part of the government, about an article that some dental floss analyst from Montana wrote, and about what they read on the Investing in Beans and Butter website.

And as the last few drops descend to the porcelain below, sphincters will start to pucker like teenage lips hoping for a good night kiss at the end of a first date, and individual investors will finally accept that the only help for their now point 401k portfolios (thanx Karl) is their own hard work, their own blue collar work, which, if history remains an impartial judge, is something that isn't going to happen.

So with anal cavities devoid of movement, and wearing trousers with pale yellow stains, the individual investors of America will commute to work next week iPhones at the ready, wondering just what the government can do to "turn this thing around"?

Never will it occur to the vast majority of these folks that when it comes to their investing future, the government is them.


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