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MPR replaced with BRC in Small Cap Model Portfolio

|Includes:BRC, Met Pro Corporation (MPR)

I decided to apply my -20% sell signal to all of the DCC model portfolios.  MPR (Met-Pro) demonstrated a -20% gap from the S&P for 4 weeks ending Oct 28th (view 13-mo chart in Google Finance).  Based on my previous articles, this suggests the possibility of a future dividend cut and/or a further price decline.  Therefore it was sold on Oct 28 ($9.27/sh), and replaced with Brady Corp (NYSE:BRC) @ $31.65/sh, as it was the next Industrial stock on the screening list.

The small cap portfolio will be rebalanced in the near future.  I will stagger rebalances (different end-of-quarters) for my three portfolios, to make it easier for me to keep up with them and report on a monthly basis.  Small cap will rebalance at the beginning of Dec, the Aristocrat model in Jan, and the Inc/Growth model in early February.  Rebalances are planned to be annual, though individual stocks may be replaced due to div cuts, buyouts, or -20% signals.  A full rebalance could occur if the market has a major up or down move.  

Stocks: MPR, BRC