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More $BA Boeing Dreamliner Aftereffects

There's more evidence of $BA Boeing brand damage after the battery debacle. Some of this has been listed in a previous post on the Buzzient blog:

Since this original post, there's been a lot of noise about various aircraft fleets delaying purchase of 787's or even shopping for alternative airframes. If we take a look at Buzzient sentiment analytics for the last month, we can see this clear divergence for the 787 product line, where sentiment drops appreciably when compared to other Boeing products:

The dramatic drop in the red line (787 model) corresponds to the time period where it became known how bad the battery problems are. Since that time, Boeing announced decent results, but we can see in the social sentiment charts a lingering gap in product sentiment. Will this show up in delayed orders in subsequent quarters? I think prudent traders, using this Buzzient data alongside other measures would advise a HOLD on $BA.

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