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The Hindenburg Omen (Extended)

This post is to provide a place for the extension of a very long comment stream at the original article (here).  It was becoming awkward to navigate the long web page because of the number of comments.

The text of the original Instablog is copied below: 

I have found this an intriguing metric over the years.  Michael Eckert has an article this weekend summarizing The Hindenburg Omen here, at EWTrends and  In June 2004, Robert McHugh wrote a more extensive article at The Market Oracle (here).

This market signal has preceeded all 11 declines of 10% or more since 1986.  It has also preceded 15 declines of less than 10%.  It has never occurred without a market decline occurring within four months.  There are times when the market has advanced significantly for a short time before falling.  The time preceding the 1987 crash was one example.

Michael Eckert maintains a large library of public charts at (here), including the Hindenburg Omen charts on page 3.

Hat tip to Phil's Stock World (here).