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The New Hindenberg Omen Blog

A reader, Albertarocks, has been tracking the Hindenberg Omen using a series of Instablogs.  The previous Insta comment stream has gotten un into the 80s, so I am starting another Instablog to simplify the search for the latest posts.

The post Albertarocks made today offers some insight into minor movements in the Hindenberg Omen parameters and can be accessed here.

The original Hindenberg Omen post with links to references on the subject is here.  The first paragraph of the original post is repeated below for convenience:

I have found this an intriguing metric over the years.  Michael Eckert has an article this weekend summarizing The Hindenburg Omen here, at EWTrends and  In June 2004, Robert McHugh wrote a more extensive article at The Market Oracle (here).

I am hoping that Albertarocks will post future commentary about the Hindenberg Omen in this comment stream.


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