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Binary Options Beginner - What You Need To Know

Are you a Binary Options Beginner?

Binary Options are the latest fad in the online investment community and we're not talking just the elites on Wall Street. A binary option is an alternative investment vehicle that essentially offers the trader the simplicity to enter a trade based on their prediction of whether an asset's price will rise or fall. Of course, as traders, we all know that trading is nowhere near as simple as choosing UP or DOWN. Without some basic strategy, an understanding of the financial markets and realizing that it takes a strategy to trade and trade well, choosing UP or DOWN on a binary option is no different that choosing Black or Red at your local casino Roulette table.

Binary Options Beginner Tips

As a new binary trader, you're likely being bombarded by hundreds of brokers, advertisements and countless other people all trying to sell you a 'get rich quick' strategy or charting service. The best thing you can do as a binary options beginner is to slow down and take your time while you investigate the industry. There are countless binary options brokers to choose from, all offering different perks to different regions on different platforms and so on. The key is to figure out what kind of trader you want to be and then select a broker that caters to you based on that decision. If you like fast moving assets and short time frames, you'll be right at home with 60 Second Options. If you like creating your own trades and specifying your own risk settings, the Option Builder platform is right up your alley. It's about preference and with so many brokers, assets, and options to choose from, the key is just to slow down and not dive into the first seemingly 'good deal' you come across.

With over 100 brokers operating around the world, pick a name that has some history. You don't want to choose the latest broker to join the crowd. Read about the Top Binary Options Brokers and choose based on date founded, regulatory status, company ownership details and so on. If a broker has been around since the beginning, this is a good sign for you as a customer. If you find a broker that just opened their doors last week, you really need to do your research no matter how good of a deal they offer you to get you signed up and trading. Better safe than sorry is just as true in the financial world as it is anywhere else.

Finally, you'll become a better trader if you quickly realize that consistency does not come from throwing darts and hoping for the best. If you trade binary options strictly based on UP and DOWN, you may as well pull out a coin and bet on heads and tails. When you enact a strategy and understand the arena, the financial trading community, you'll have a better chance at making more consistent and profitable trades. For a lot more information on binary options trading, check out our external blog!